Dermal fillers are some of the most popular cosmetic enhancement treatments in the country for age-related volume loss, wrinkles, and lines of the face. Gravity and time aren’t always kind to us, resulting in mid-facial volume loss, thinning lips, and lines and wrinkles. But we don’t have to take it lying down. Pure Beauty Medical Spa has powerful tools to fight aging, and when it comes to dermal fillers, there’s no one better to turn to.

The JUVEDERM® Difference

Allergan, the manufacturer of JUVEDERM® dermal fillers, has awarded Pure Beauty Medical Spa the distinguished Top 250 award for our commitment to excellence as a JUVEDERM® provider. This honor is reserved for the top 1% of all Allergan Partner Privilege providers in the entire United States. For our patients, this means they receive the best dermal filler from the best possible clinic in Rancho Santa Margarita and Newport Beach.

JUVEDERM® fillers are the most complete, effective, and advanced cosmetic enhancement tools available today. Precisely engineered for a variety of wrinkle, line, and volume concerns, JUVEDERM® products are made up of hyaluronic acid molecules, a natural sugar found in the body that delivers nutrients, increases hydration, and provides vital cushioning for the skin. JUVEDERM® doesn’t just preserve youth, it regains it. Paired with lidocaine to minimize injection discomfort, there is no better alternative to a surgical facelift.

Our JUVEDERM® Products

JUVÉDERM® Ultra XCVolumize lips for the perfect pout, and fill in moderate to severe facial folds—the “parentheses” or “marionette” lines—around the mouth and nose. Results typically last up to 1 year.

JUVÉDERM® Ultra Plus XC — This robust gel targets more severe facial folds, such as the nasolabial folds around the mouth, with optimal results also lasting up to 1 year.

JUVÉDERM® VOLBELLA® XC — Looking for a more subtle touch for delicate lines around your eyes and lips? VOLBELLA®’s carefully crafted consistency is best for sensitive areas, restoring beauty and depth without being obvious. The results are good for up to 1 year.

JUVÉDERM® VOLLURE® XC — The best option for facial lines and folds between moderate and severe, VOLLURE® provides your injection specialist enhanced control over your results, with an amazing 18 month longevity.

JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA® XC — Volume loss doesn’t only affect the eyes and mouth. For cheeks that have lost their plumpness, VOLUMA® is the only FDA-approved filler for correcting mid-face tissue loss. Restore mid-face volume for up to 2 years.

JUVEDERM® Consultations Available

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VYCROSS® Technology For Patented, Proven Results

The JUVEDERM® line of products has been engineered to exacting standards using a patented VYCROSS® linking protocol. To get the proper consistency for each gel, Allergan links varying sizes of hyaluronic acid molecules together to achieve a lasting product targeted to a specific purpose. This means they control the thickness or thinness of the gel to give Allergan Partners adept command over each injectable for lasting, beautiful results that can be counted on. It’s one of the reasons JUVEDERM® products are head and shoulders above other dermal fillers.

The JUVEDERM® standard is one you can trust, and the Pure Beauty Medical Spa staff is proud to specialize in these treatments as one of the nation’s Top 250 providers. Whatever your cosmetic concern, we can renew your skin, restore youth, and help you regain the confidence you so richly deserve.

Anita is wonderful giving the botox and voluma injections. She’s very friendly, professional and has a good eye on placing the filler. She was very patient and let me be involved with where it was needed, taking time to discuss. I had a great experience. The only thing I wasn’t sure about was after spending a lot for two syringes of voluma and botox, waiting a couple of weeks to decide if I needed one more syringe, to get the same price I had to pay up front for the 3rd syringe to get the same sale price before I could make an appointment before even deciding if I really needed it. I paid 3 weeks in advance(waiting for the first injections to settle down) before they would book the appointment. Only to find the sale price was still good. It just felt like after spending almost $3000, and really a continuation of what I was having done, they could have been more flexible in working with me on the pay up front sales pitch. That was the office policy.


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