What Causes Visible Veins?

When a blood vessel is visible under the surface of your skin, it is because the vein is not functioning as nature intended. The tiny valve in the vein that sends the blood back to the heart is failing, allowing blood to wash back into the vessel, where it pools, looking blue or purple under your skin. With laser vein treatments, the light energy delivered by our world-class laser device collapses the vein, so it cannot transport blood, which is rerouted to a healthy vessel deeper in your body, no longer visible.


What does a laser vein treatment feel like?

How long will it take for the vein to disappear?

What types of veins can you remove with laser treatment?

What does a laser vein treatment feel like?

During the removal of the unsightly vein, the laser energy is delivered into the visible vein. You may feel a stinging sensation. A topical anesthetic can be applied for greater comfort, although the treatment is reasonably easy to experience. Your comfort is important to us!

How long will it take for the vein to disappear?

Once the vein has been treated, it takes some time for the body to reabsorb the damaged material, and you will see the vein fading, day by day, eventually disappearing.

What types of veins can you remove with laser treatment?

This treatment is ideal for various types of unsightly veins, facial spider veins, and larger blue leg veins but is not appropriate for varicose veins. Facial spider veins, or telangiectasia, often appear around the nose, mouth, or at the temples and can easily be removed with our advanced laser system from Cutera. If you are tired of trying to hide visible veins, you can have them removed with the advanced laser system at Pure Beauty Medical Spa. You’ll love the result!

The Benefits of Laser Vein Treatments

  • No painful sclerotherapy injections
  • Less prone to bruising
  • Fast and effective
  • No downtime

Laser vein removal in Rancho Santa Margarita and Newport Beach

The beauty of our system is that, unlike many laser systems, it is effective for people with all skin tones, from light to dark. One of the major advantages of this treatment over “sclerotherapy” is that it does not involve any painful injections.

Your recovery: What to expect after laser vein treatments

There is little concern about side effects, but you may notice reddened skin or minor swelling for about 24 hours. You could also experience minor bruising. You can go back to your usual activities immediately after your treatment but should not exercise or engage in vigorous physical activities for 24 hours.

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Why choose Pure Beauty Medical Spa?

Our team at Pure Beauty Medical Spa is committed to helping you enhance your natural beauty with the latest in art and science.

We thank our long list of loyal clients who trust us to achieve exceptional quality in every treatment, including laser vein removal.

You deserve to gain the benefits of the latest aesthetic technology, and our offices in Rancho Santa Margarita and Newport Beach are both equipped with next-generation technology. Our staff is highly trained and experienced and is focused on ensuring a positive experience and excellent results.

Beyond our talented practitioners and our advanced technology, our treatments are reasonably priced.

We welcome everyone to our friendly, professional practice, where you will feel comfortable and cared for from start to finish.

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