What is PRP?

PRP stands for platelet rich plasma, one of the most powerful natural solutions for people who are in the early stages of hair loss. PRP is created from a small sample of your blood, which is processed into a  growth-activating serum. With the serum injected into the scalp at the thinning areas of your hairline or any other area, it reactivates dying hair follicles, so they once again produce thick, healthy hair strands.

Will Hair Restoration with PRP Work for Me?

Hair restoration with PRP works by injecting PRP into your scalp with one fine tip needle to inject. At Pure Beauty Medical Spa, we use a device to trigger natural hair restoration. The device has fine-tip needles which are injected into the thinning areas to help the plasma penetrate deeper into the scalp structure. With a series of treatment sessions, the dying hair follicles are reactivated for natural hair regrowth.


Should I Try Hair Restoration with PRP?

You are likely a good candidate for hair restoration with PRP if:

  • You see your hairline receding, or your hair is thinning
  • Your scalp has become visible at the part
  • Your hair looks dull, and the strands are thinner and finer, easily breaking
  • You understand that the results appear over time

What is the Treatment Like to Experience? Is it Painful?

PRP hair restoration treatments take in the range of 45 minutes to perform. Depending on the treatment area, your scalp will be numbed so you are comfortable during the procedure.

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PRP Hair Restoration in Rancho Santa Margarita and Newport Beach

At Pure Beauty Medical Spa, we have two locations to serve you, each of which is equipped with the latest aesthetic devices and equipment.

Our PRP hair restoration experts are focused on results and perform this advanced hair regrowth treatment with precision, with the highest level of health and patient safety protocols.

You may need several PRP hair restoration treatments, and most people see the optimal results about eight months following a series of treatment sessions. The treatment has an added benefit beyond treating a receding hairline or the onset of balding – your overall head of hair will be thicker and healthier. You will need to undergo one PRP hair restoration treatment each year to continue to maintain your results.

No Downtime Just Healthier, Thicker Hair

You have no worries about downtime, although you could experience some swelling, redness, and tenderness at the injection sites. These side effects only last for less than a week.

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