We may love a good tan, but there aren’t too many fans of sunspots. Also called solar lentigos or dark lesions, sunspots can be tan or brown specks of discoloration on skin surfaces. Often mistaken for freckles, they are actually noticeable indicators of sun exposure.

Sunspots are flat and usually show up on the forehead, cheeks, arms and hands, generally any part of the body that’s spent too much time in the sun. This condition is not restricted to sun bathers. Individuals who spend significant periods of time behind the wheel – especially truckers – are prone to sunspots, the condition appearing mostly on the left side of the face and the left arm which is often hanging outside the open window.

The good news is a skilled professional familiar with safely removing sunspots can rejuvenate your skin using the latest FDA-approved technology and treatments for sunspot removal.

Procedures for Sunspot Removal

There are a variety of safe ways to treat sunspots. What type is best will be determined by a number of factors including one’s skin type, nature of the spots, the patient’s schedule for gauging how much time can be spent on the procedure, budget and if there are other skin issues to be addressed. This last point includes such things as enlarged pores and fine lines.

There are lasers that deliver short pulses of extremely intense laser light in order to fragment and remove unwanted pigmentation. It is a focused burst of light that will have almost no impact on surrounding skin. Another treatment uses lasers that penetrate skin tissue and the light is absorbed by lesion melanin, the element responsible for skin tanning.

Treatments can also offer specific results, being used for damaged and aging skin, wrinkles, acne scarring and skin discoloration. Some procedures apply rapid pulses of plasma based in nitrogen to skin surfaces. Colorless and odorless, nitrogen is an element in all living tissue. When utilized with ultra-high energy frequencies, it converts into an energized – plasma – state. Unlike other treatments, these procedures leave skin surfaces intact.

Which Laser Treatment is for You?

Each treatment is unique and no one specific laser treatment is right for every situation. Treatment will be determined by everything from skin type to desired results. Whatever the final choice, under the hands of a talented professional, expect a vibrant, fresh and more youthful look to your skin through laser treatments.

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