Spider veins are the unattractive veins that creep up the legs, over the waist, and around the face of individuals who have been subjected to stress or who have had issues with the way that their face, legs, and body handle pressure or different temperatures. Spider veins (and varicose veins) are often only unattractive and somewhat uncomfortable. They rarely cause serious complications and often do not cause a large amount of pain to the people who suffer with them. Many times, patients have them treated or removed for the simple aesthetic appeal of having smoother looking legs.

How are spider veins treated?

There are several things that individuals can do to minimize the appearance of spider veins. They can wear compression tights, avoid too much stress on their legs, or get laser treatment on the veins that are causing the issues. Laser treatment is the most commonly chosen method because it is easily done, and it does not have to be maintained on a daily basis in the way that compression tights do. Individuals can also go about their daily routine without the worry of spider veins reappearing.

What does laser treatment entail?

Laser treatment for spider veins is often done as an outpatient procedure. It is simple, quick, and provides patients with the results that they want. The process often starts with a consultation between the patient and a medical professional. During this consultation, the visible veins will be examined and the professional will share about how laser treatment works and what the patient’s expectations should be.

When the patient goes in for the laser treatment, the spots will be marked where the doctor is going to apply the laser. The patient will dress down and the spots on the legs will be prepared, and then the laser will target the veins. This process can be uncomfortable, but it is what makes the veins shrink back to a more uniform size. It does not completely close the vein, but closes any gaps that are present in the veins and will even out the structure of the walls that surround the areas the blood travels through.

What can I expect after a laser treatment?

After the appointment, the spots that were treated can be somewhat sensitive. They should not be painful, but should also not be pushed on or rubbed too hard. It is important that the patient get some rest after the appointment. Patients can usually return to normal activities as long as they are feeling comfortable. The medical professional will schedule a follow up appointment to see how the veins are looking following the treatment.

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