Were you a sun worshipper in your youth? Perhaps you’re outdoorsy and haven’t always been diligent about the application of sunscreen. Maybe you’ve just had a few too many sunburns. Whatever the reason, now you’re facing sun damage such as brown or red spots, freckles, or wrinkles. Pure Beauty Medical Spa can help you reverse sun damage to your skin with state-of-the-art technology called the LimeLight facial.

How Do LimeLight Facials Work?

Cutera® created the LimeLight facial, an FDA-approved system for treating sun damage. This non-invasive laser uses intense pulsed light (IPL) energy to break down pigments associated with sun damage, such as brown or red spots, uneven skin tone, and even light brown spots that are otherwise difficult to detect with standard lasers. Over time and multiple treatments, these discoloration issues diminish, leaving behind a more even skin tone and a remarkable reversal of the clock. People think wrinkles alone age a person. When skin tone is evened out and discolored pigmentation and redness is minimized, it’s amazing how much younger your skin will look.

What Makes a Good Candidate?

Patients with lighter skin tones wishing to reverse sun damage and even out their skin tone is a good candidate for LimeLight facial photorejuvenation treatments. Tell your provider if you’re pregnant or taking the prescription Accutane, as these conditions may affect the timing of any treatments you wish to schedule. Patients who have noticeable signs of hyperpigmentation, damage from repeated or prolonged sun exposure, and reddened or uneven skin tone are good candidates for this procedure. LimeLight facial rejuvenation is indicated for multiple treatment areas, including face, hands, neck, and chest.

LimeLight Facials Consultations Available

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What to Expect from Treatment

Patients report the treatment itself feels like a light pinch or stinging sensation, and your Pure Beauty provider will be happy to provide a cooling gel. Treatments are fast, taking an average of 30 minutes or less. Immediately following treatment, there might be swelling and a sunburn-like irritation, which will resolve within a few hours to 1 day. Your sun spots will darken and begin to flake off, and any redness will decrease to reveal in improved, smoother, even complexion. During this time—between 2-3 days—some social restrictions may be more comfortable, but there is no real recovery or downtime.

The LimeLight photorejuvenation procedure cannot prevent new sun damage from appearing, so sunscreen is an important step in the end results and aftercare of the procedure. Optimal results are typically achieved after 8-12 weeks following your final treatment.

We’ve all heard sun damaged skin compared to leather or a weathered look. That may have been fine for the Wild West, but in modern times, even-toned, porcelain beauty is much healthier and more pleasing. The Pure Beauty Medical Spa team is dedicated not only to turning back the clock on how sun damage ages us, but also to the health and elasticity of our skin. After all, it’s our body’s biggest organ, our first line of defense against the elements and illness, and taking good care of it makes good sense. Renew and restore your skin’s natural beauty in our exclusive, luxurious settings by making an appointment to reverse your sun damage today.

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