Many people associate a double chin with an unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle, but the truth is that excess skin and fat can be genetic, the product of poor posture, or the result of weight fluctuations that are out of your control. If you desire a return of your once-prominent jawline (or to achieve the sculpted chin and neck you’ve never had), Pure Beauty may have the answer you’ve been waiting for.

How Does KYBELLA® Work?

KYBELLA® is the only FDA-approved medication designed to melt away submental fullness, that unwanted fat beneath the chin and jaw. It works because it’s simple: the active ingredient is deoxycholic acid, which naturally occurs elsewhere in the body to break down and absorb dietary fat. When injected into the submental area beneath the chin, KYBELLA® targets unwanted fat and dissolves it, revealing your natural jawline and restoring a profile you can be proud of. Unlike surgical procedures like liposuction, KYBELLA® isn’t an immediate solution, so friends and family will never need to know you’ve had work done. They’ll wonder if you’ve changed your hair or lost some weight but will never guess unless you tell them about KYBELLA’S® effective and remarkable results.

Am I a Good Candidate?

If you’re not sure you want to go so far as to have neck lipo or a facelift, both of which are surgical, talk to a Pure Beauty Medical Spa team member about KYBELLA® treatments. Most people tolerate the treatment well since deoxycholic acid is naturally produced by the body.

Results and Downtime

Most patients require 3-4 30-minute treatments to reach their desired goals with KYBELLA®, though this may vary based on the individual. Following your final injection, results will become visible in 8-12 weeks, and continue as the body absorbs the fat cells being dissolved. These cells will be filtered out through your lymphatic system, and once those cells are gone, they’re really gone. A continued healthy lifestyle will maintain your new, sculpted jawline and prevent remaining fat cells from fluctuating with weight gain.

Kybella Consultations Available

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Patients report the medication may cause a tingling or burning sensation for a short time following the injections. There may also be some tenderness at the injection site, mild swelling or bruising, or numbness that resolves within a few days. If you experience difficulty swallowing, speak to your provider right away. These residual side effects will reduce with each treatment. All that remains is your newly contoured chin and neckline, free of unwanted fat.

A sculpted neck and jawline aren’t only aesthetically pleasing. People perceive those with a strong profile as being competent and confident, capable of accomplishing great successes whether professionally or personally. If you’re in the public eye, have a career that requires others to place confidence in you, or a need to project trustworthiness to others, Dr. Charles J. Sarosy and the team at Pure Beauty Medical Spa can help you achieve this goal with KYBELLA®. The artistry of cosmetic enhancement through injections is something Pure Beauty Medical Spa excels at, providing patients with top-notch, compassionate care through extensive experience and medical expertise. Call today for a consultation.

Pure Beauty has the best service, so friendly. The nurses do awesome job…I have so much trust in the staff and products…been going for years now….


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Interested in learning about KYBELLA® treatments? Schedule your consultation with Pure Beauty Skin Care & Medical Spa today by calling one of our two locations in Rancho Santa Margarita (949) 326-9009, or Newport Beach (949) 236-6001.

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