Not all wrinkles are created equal, particularly if they’re not the result of sun exposure, gravity, or natural aging. The wrinkles caused by repetitive muscle movement are perhaps the most frustrating, because to many, they seem the most preventable. But telling ourselves to stop frowning or squinting is fruitless. This is where BOTOX® comes in. There’s a reason BOTOX® injections are the most performed cosmetic procedure in the U.S.VIEW MORE PATIENT REVIEWS

What is BOTOX®?

BOTOX® itself is a purified neurotoxin that, when injected into specific muscles in the face, prevent those muscles from making the same movements that cause wrinkles in the forehead or deep grooves between the eyebrows. Despite BOTOX® being a toxin, it’s 100% safe, and very few patients experience even mild side effects from BOTOX® injections.

How BOTOX® Works

The injection process takes only about ten minutes in an outpatient setting. Many patients receiving BOTOX® injections do so on their lunch break, returning to work with no trouble at all. BOTOX® blocks the nerve impulses to the corrugator muscles in the forehead, which are responsible for the horizontal lines that form when the eyebrows are raised. When injected in the procerus muscle between the brows, BOTOX® blocks the nerve impulses that are responsible for the deep grooves there, often called the “elevens.”

Do BOTOX® Injections Hurt?

At Pure Beauty Medical Spa, we offer our patients anesthetic cream or cooling gel to numb the area first. There might be a brief moment of discomfort, but BOTOX® injections are typically done with a very small needle. Some patients report feeling a stinging sensation, but the BOTOX® material itself is not painful.

Some side effects can include swelling, redness, and pain or tenderness at the injection site, but these are mild and subside within a few hours or days. Talk to your doctor about side effects such as headache, neck pain, eye problems, or allergic reactions.

Compared with cosmetic treatments such as microdermabrasion or chemical peels, which can take up to ten days of recovery, BOTOX® injections offer true convenience for the least amount of discomfort and downtime.

Botox Rancho Santa Margarita & Newport Beach

*Individual Results May Vary


Results with BOTOX®

Patients often see improvement within days, and continue to see positive changes for up to 30 days following the injections. Continued injections, typically 3-4 times the first year, and 2-3 times the following year, are often required for the effects of BOTOX® injections to last. Once the muscles have had time to relax, fewer BOTOX® injections are required for continued maintenance. Every patient is unique, however, and the team at Pure Beauty Medical Spa will help you determine the best frequency of treatment for your particular concerns.

Pure Beauty Medical Spa BOTOX® Treatments

With over 6,000 cosmetic enhancement procedures performed, you can trust Dr. Charles J. Sarosy has the expertise and extensive knowledge you’re looking for in a cosmetic surgeon. By ensuring patient care is their top priority, the staff at Pure Beauty Medical Spa will guide you through all your questions and concerns, so you can choose the best facial rejuvenation treatment for you. Regain confidence and youth at Pure Beauty Medical Spa by calling for an appointment today.

I went to this location to get a fixer up of a recent botox injection I had received elsewhere that had created two small lines at the top of my forehead right before my hairline. I’m only 24 and doing this for preventative care and because I am a model. I don’t remember the female’s name but she was such a sweet physician. She totally saw the problem and completely fixed it. A few days after and once the botox started to show, I couldn’t have been more satisfied. Awesome place.
Monique L., Pure Beauty Skin Care & Medical SpaVIEW MORE PATIENT REVIEWS

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*Individual Results May Vary

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