Botox has been around for some time, yet myths still persist about its use and its origin. While there are cautions (as with any treatment), it’s one of the safer treatments around when administered by a trained professional after a consultation with a doctor. Here are some myth-busting truths about one of the most common and successful treatments in use today.

It’s Botulism

You are not getting botulism injected into your face. This is one myth that often scares potential clients. Botox is a derived protein that was extracted from the same substance that causes botulism, but it is not the botulinin pathogen itself.

You Can’t Move Your Face if You Have Botox

Yes, you’ll still be able to make facial expressions if you get Botox. In fact, the expressions may seem more refined as you won’t have little creases and wrinkles getting in the way visually. People joke that with Botox, you’re not going to be able to make any expression, but that’s not the case at all. Remember, the point of Botox is to smooth your skin, not paralyze your face.

You Should Use Botox Only if You Have Lines

While Botox is meant to smooth out lines and wrinkles, it’s actually easier for the treatment to do its work if you start using it before you see those lines and wrinkles. If you wait, your skin treats those lines as its default state, and it’s harder for each successive Botox treatment to smooth out your skin. It still works well, but it may take longer for you to see that smooth skin.

If You Have No Cosmetic Facial Concerns, You Can’t Use Botox

Not quite — Botox is now used for many conditions, including migraines, facial ticks, and more. You should discuss using Botox for these conditions with a doctor to ensure you aren’t missing an underlying cause that needs additional treatment. Botox has a track record of off-label uses now for which it works very well.

This is a quick, effective procedure that lasts a long time. Talk to a doctor, either your own or one at a medical spa that focuses on cosmetic treatments, to see if Botox in Rancho Santa Margarita is something that could benefit you.

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