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If you have trouble slimming down certain problem areas on your body, like your thighs, hips, or abdomen, you might benefit from non-invasive fat reduction in Orange County. Designed to target problem areas that don’t respond well to weight loss

methods, our body contouring treatments can help give you the figure you’ve been working hard to achieve without surgical intervention.

How does non-invasive fat reduction work?

At Pure Beauty Medical Spa, we use the truSculpt laser by Cutera, an FDA approved handheld device. During a treatment session, the laser emits radiofrequency pulses that will heat up the fat cells in the area that is being targeted. These fat cells begin to shrink once they are heated and will eventually die. Following your body contouring treatment session, your body will start to shed these dead cells.

Am I a candidate for non-invasive fat reduction in Orange County??

pure-beauty-non-invasive-fat-reduction-in-orange-countyIn general, truSculpt is safe for individuals with all different skin tones and skin types. Patients who undergo fat reduction and body contouring usually have a BMI (body mass index) of less than 30. The procedure is not used for patients who are obese, because it is designed to only target certain areas. Your medical professional can help you determine whether or not truSculpt would be good for you, but you cannot utilize non-invasive fat reduction if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker or internal defibrillator, or have a metallic implant in the area that you would be receiving treatment in. Additionally, you cannot use the truSculpt treatment if you have a tumor in the area, whether it is malignant or benign.

What can I expect from non-invasive fat reduction in Orange County?

Prior to the treatment session, you only need to remove any jewelry that is located in the area that is being treated. During the treatment session itself, your medical professional will hold a small and flat device against your skin. Radio frequency will then be delivered to the tissue that lies less than an inch below your skin’s surface. Each of these radio frequency pulses lasts for about four minutes. This heats up unwanted fat, resulting in dead fat cells. The truSculpt treatment session is not painful or uncomfortable. In fact, you will feel a warm and comfortable sensation. Your medical professional can even adjust the temperature of the device to make it more comfortable for you. If you have any questions about the truSculpt treatment session, or about non-invasive fat reduction in general, feel free to contact Pure Beauty Medical Spa. We will be happy to explain more about how the treatment works and what you can expect.