Newport-Beach-Medical-Spa-Pure-Beauty-Medical-SpaWhat Does a Medical Spa Have to Offer?

Medical spas offer a variety of treatments designed to improve appearance and promote relaxation, and our Newport Beach medical spa is no exception. The aesthetic medical treatments available to patients may help minimize age-related wrinkles and lines and provide a better sense of well-being. Such facilities are popular destinations because they are essentially one-stop-shops for health and cosmetic treatments provided in a relaxed, comfortable setting. If you are planning a visit to our Newport Beach medical spa anytime soon, consider some of the benefits you may get from the common treatments available and the spa itself.

Laser Treatments

Performed without anesthesia, recovery time, or injections, skin tightening is one of the most common laser treatments available at a medical spa. The heat from the laser stimulates new collagen growth to rejuvenate the skin and promote healthy tissue development. Lasers are used to target specific areas in a way that’s safe and controlled. Laser treatments may be performed to:

Injectable Treatments

Laser treatments are often more effective on deeper wrinkles than injections. For milder wrinkles due to things like frown lines, these treatments may provide noticeable results. Botox is a common option for wrinkle management and the removal of minor imperfections. It works by paralyzing muscles to stop contractions and stimulate collagen production. Injections treatments performed at a medical spa can also include:

Access to Advanced Technology

Newport-Beach-Medical-Spa-Pure-Beauty-Medical-SpaOur Newport Beach medical spa makes a point of keeping up with advancements in technology-based cosmetic and rejuvenation procedures. Because of such efforts, patients often have access to newer products, treatments, medications like Latisse, and innovative product lines from respected names like Obagi and Cosmelan.

The professionals providing such treatments or offering access to such products have the knowledge to answer questions and provide the information patients need to determine which options are right for their specific needs. Med-spas can also perform specific tests to determine which products or treatments would likely produce meaningful results. For instance, a skin analysis can determine how to deal with problem areas effectively.

Improved State of Mind and Mood

The cosmetic procedures performed at medical spas do more than just improve appearance. Such treatments can have an equally significant impact on a patient’s state of mind. A better mood and self-image is one of the benefits patients often report after treatments reduce skin imperfections. Several studies on mood and well-being note links between having a positive state of mind and reductions in anxiety and stress. And the improved self-esteem that medical spa treatments can provide usually triggers positive changes in overall mood.

Long-Term Health Benefits

Newport-Beach-Medical-Spa-Pure-Beauty-Medical-SpaThe relaxation patients often experience from our Newport Beach medical spa treatments can have an impact on long-term health. Skin treatments, in particular, may minimize the risk of developing potentially serious skin conditions. As the largest of the body’s organs, the skin plays an important role in protecting the body. Treating skin conditions such as acne can make it easier for the skin to “breathe” as pores are cleared and unclogged.

Encouraging Healthy Habits

Education is also part of the experience for patients going to a medical spa for various treatments or procedures. A medical spa’s staff often includes professionals who know what types of beauty treatments are harmful to the skin and which ones can help keep tissues healthy. Maintaining the water content of the skin, for example, is important. Individuals with sensitive skin are especially susceptible to skin issues related to a lack of moisture or damage from excessive sun exposure. Patients may also receive tips on:

  • What type of sunscreen to wear
  • How to keep hair healthy when shampooing
  • Whether or not skin imperfections need attention
  • How to treat problem areas of skin

Our Newport Beach medical spa is different from any ordinary spa or salon. Our facilities are supervised by licensed health care professionals, many of whom have different areas of expertise. Because of this, patients are treated with input from multiple professionals. While the aesthetic medical treatments offered are similar to what may be available at other spas, there is an equal focus on the health and long-term well-being of patients.