Newport-Beach-Body-Contouring-Pure-Beauty-Medical-SpaYour body uses the fat stored in cells to produce the energy needed to keep things running efficiently. Sometimes, excess fat is stored in cells and not converted into energy. It’s this type of fat storage can result in problem areas that don’t always respond well to diet and exercise alone. The skin that contains fat cells can also be effected by the loss of the proteins collagen and elastin that keep things firm and flexible. A less-invasive option for resolving issues with unwanted fat deposits commonly referred to as cellulite is body contouring. Here’s what you need to know about Newport Beach body contouring.

What is Body Contouring?

Fat cells can be stubborn creatures. Non-surgical body contouring works by focusing on these cells with lasers or controlled radiofrequency (RF) technology, like what’s used with the truSculpt procedure. Such techniques target fat cells in a way that leaves nearby tissues untouched. The stimulation causes the fat cells to die. Since fat cells also contain toxins, body contouring also has a cleansing effect that’s just as beneficial. The elimination of fat cells reduces the accumulation of fat and restores the skin to its natural consistency.

How Does Body Contouring Work?

Newport-Beach-Body-Contouring-Pure-Beauty-Medical-SpaNewport Beach body contouring works by deflating fat cells with either laser stimulation or radiofrequency. With truSculpt, a hand piece is used to deliver the radiofrequency pulses to the targeted area. The pulses travel to layers about half-an-inch below the top layer of skin to reach the area where fat cells are located. Bio-stimulation treatments like this also produce some degree of heat, which further stimulates tissues and alters fat cells. Laser treatments that target tissues within the skin work in a similar way.

Most treatments that involve non-surgical body contouring take about an hour when you include the necessary preparations. The only requirement when RF is used is to remove any jewelry. The area to be treated may be gently cleaned with mild soap and water. Warm sensations can usually be adjusted to improve comfort. Potential risks are minimal. There may be some redness around the treated area or increased tenderness. Such issues often go away within a few hours. Results typically start to show after a few treatments. Body contouring procedures can target specific problem areas, including:

  • Hips, thighs, and buttocks
  • The stomach and abdominal area
  • Other areas that don’t respond well to other toning or weight loss efforts

Are You a Candidate for Body Contouring?

Body contouring procedures like truSculpt will work on all types of skin. When treatments are done for weight reduction purposes, patients usually have a body mass index (BMI) under 30. Body contouring may not be as effective on patients who have more extensive areas of fat or deposits of fat not relegated to a single area. If you are a suitable candidate for Newport Beach body contouring, most procedures can be safely applied to any area of the body. It is not recommended for who are pregnant. It’s also not a recommended procedure for patients with metallic implants, pacemakers, or internal defibrillators.

When to Consider Body Contouring

Newport-Beach-Body-Contouring-Pure-Beauty-Medical-SpaStubborn body fat (subcutaneous fat) is usually caused by poor blood flow and circulation that prevents hormones that help regulate fat content in cells from getting to cell receptors in fat cells. It’s this type of fat that often leads to so-called “trouble spots” where fat doesn’t seem to go away with typical efforts. Techniques like “spot reduction” where specific problem areas are targeted with exercise don’t usually minimize subcutaneous fat deposits in a way that’s noticeable. Body contouring is an option worth considering for patients who:

  • Have stubborn areas where fat doesn’t respond to diet and exercise efforts
  • Want to avoid surgical options like liposuction due to concerns over possible risks and reliability of results
  • Prefer procedures with little or no downtime

Most patients will feel “lighter” after a body contouring procedure as excess fat disappears and the skin begins to adjust and shape itself. It usually takes about a month to start to see noticeable results from Newport Beach body contouring techniques like truSculpt, which may reduce as much as 25 percent of the fat in thighs, hips, and other common problem areas. Benefits from such procedures may be prolonged with regular exercise and sensible dieting.