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Do you have visible veins? For many, visible veins are a source of embarrassment – especially if the prominence of the veins makes you feel as though you can’t comfortably wear shorts or other clothing items. At Pure Beauty Medical Spa, we utilize the Excel laser from Cutera in order to target visible veins with a minimally invasive and comfortable method that requires no downtime. If you have clusters of purple, blue, or red veins on your body, contact our office to learn more about laser vein treatment in Orange County.

What makes veins visible?

The reasons behind each person’s visible veins are different. Some individuals get them in early adulthood, while others don’t see them until they reach middle age. Heredity, hormones, weight gain, and pregnancy can all contribute to visible veins. You might also notice them if you do a lot of sitting or standing.

How does laser vein treatment work?

laser-vein-treatment-orange-county-2-300x200When a laser is directed at a visible vein in your skin, it forms scar tissue, which blocks the vein off. Once the vein is blocked, it loses its source of blood and is no longer able to survive in the area. As the vein dies off, it eventually disappears from the skin and is no longer visible. When vein treatment is done outside of the skin, it is known as a simple laser vein treatment. In contrast, the endovenous method is a more complex procedure that is done on the inside of the vein and involves an insertion of the laser fiber. This procedure is used for larger veins and is not as common.

If you choose to undergo laser vein treatment in Orange County, your medical professional will explain to you the procedure and how it works, and will answer any questions that you have.laser-treatments-for-spider-veins-by-pure-beauty-medical-spa