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If you are suffering from fine lines and wrinkles on your face, but are not having any luck with anti-wrinkle creams or treatments, consider seeking medical intervention to help smooth the surface of your skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Contact Pure Beauty Medical Spa today to learn more about laser skin tightening in Orange County, a safe, quick and effective method that doesn’t require injections.

How does laser skin tightening work?

During the treatment session, a laser is applied to your skin. This heats the collagen that is under your skin’s surface, causing your skin to tighten. It also encourages the production of more collagen, which plumps up and causes your skin to look tighter and smoother for extended periods of time. This method of skin tightening is minimally invasive and can effectively demonstrates results after only one treatment. At Pure Beauty Medical Spa, we use a laser called the Titan by Cutera, which uses state-of-the-art technology.

Am I a candidate for laser skin tightening?

There is not much that would disqualify you from being a candidate for laser skin tightening. It is effective for both men and women of all ages and with all skin types and skin tones. You will see the best results from laser skin tightening through our Titan laser by using it to treat your arms, face, neck, and abdomen, although it can be useful anywhere.

One of our medical professionals can help you determine whether or not laser skin tightening in Orange County will be best for you by talking with you about the areas on your body that you want to see improved. We have a number of laser treatments that can help improve your self-esteem make your skin appear tighter and more youthful.

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