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Looking to Reduce Winkles, Sun-Damage, or Acne Scars?

There is no shortage of issues that can lead to an imperfect complexion – acne scars, sun damage, broken capillaries, and even simple aging can all lead to problems that are hard to cover up with makeup. If you want to learn about how you can improve your complexion, contact Pure Beauty Medical Spa to discuss laser skin rejuvenation in Orange County.

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What Conditions Are Treated With Laser Skin Rejuvenation?

Some of the most common issues targeted with laser skin rejuvenation include:

In general, laser skin rejuvenation or resurfacing can help to potentially improve skin tone, target dark spots, and make your skin firmer and appear more youthful.

How Does Laser Skin Rejuvenation Work?

Laser skin rejuvenation in Orange County utilizes beams of light, although there are different types of lasers that work in slightly different ways. In general, a laser sends concentrated beams to remove damaged skin’s molecular bonds one small layer at a time. This action first removes your outer layer of skin, also known as your epidermis. It then heats up your dermis, or the underlying skin. The use of these beams stimulates growth of new collagen in order to make your skin appear more even and uniform. This makes your skin firm and smooth as it heals from the treatment and minimizes the appearance of imperfections. Overall, laser skin rejuvenation can help your skin to appear younger. If you have any questions about how the laser skin rejuvenation process works for your skin specifically, talk to one of our medical professionals today

Am I a Candidate For Laser Skin Rejuvenation?

The first step in determining whether or not laser skin rejuvenation in Orange County is right for you is to talk to one of the medical professionals at Pure Beauty Medical Spa. If you have any of the skin problems that could be helped with laser skin rejuvenation, such as shallow acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, sun spots, and more, you may be a candidate. However, patients with dark skin or with acne may not see good results from laser skin rejuvenation. It is also not recommended for patients with stretch marks. For more information, contact our office today. Even if laser skin rejuvenation is not right for you, one of our medical professionals can help you find a skin solution that will help you achieve the results you were looking for.

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